Did you catch Gayle King wearing this necklace on live TV?

Our Ikea necklace is a white druzy pendant on a 30″ black beaded chain.

Pendant measures approximately 1.5″ in length and 1.25″ in width at its widest. Sizes may vary.

Worn by Gayle King and featured in Oprah Magazine, June 2013 issue.

“I like wearing two, three even four long necklaces at a time-my own private Mr. T starter kit. But I took one look at the Ikia necklace by Sissy Yates and decided it was special enough to stand alone. This white druzy pendant on a beaded chain also looks great when I occasionally put it on backward (forgive me, Sissy), with its gold side facing out. I wore in on TV, and CBS got so may calls that I’m sharing the shopping info with you.” – Gayle King