Sissy Yates

Sissy’s Grandmother in China, 1920’s

About Sissy Yates

My jewelry represents a journey—all the people and places that have brought color, joy, and authenticity to my experiences. Through my designs, I translate moments of splendor into wearable inspiration.

I’m honored to see my pieces worn by well-known clients in entertainment, news, the arts, fashion, and government: Julianne Moore, Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, Mariska Hargitay, Christie Brinkley, Norah O’Donnell, Leslie Stahl, Joy Behar, Gayle King, Debra Messing, Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer, Jessica Seinfeld, Ali Wentworth, Nicole Miller, Rose Styron, Sheila Johnson, Brooke Shields, and Pamela Brown.

I was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up surrounded by a vibrant, accomplished family. My mother was a White House social secretary; my father, a Washington Post correspondent; and my aunt and uncle, global ambassadors. As an adult, I’ve been inspired by the drive and creativity of my sister, actress Ali Wentworth; brother-in-law and Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos; and my late father-in-law, legendary newsman Mike Wallace.

My designs reflect a curiosity and sensibility instilled by my upbringing and my travels. As a child, I was drawn to the brilliance of shells and gemstones I discovered along the beaches and boundaries of Cape Cod. As a Producer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, my love of colorful gems and early metal craftsmanship began to meld. Eventually, inspired by my beloved grandmother’s travels to the Far East, I too would venture out, across America, Asia, North Africa, and Europe—explorations that compelled me to formally establish my passion as a career: Sissy Yates Designs.

Doing what I love isn’t complete without sharing my success. I donate a percentage of sales from trunk shows to charitable organizations, including Baby Love DC, Baby Buggy, Save The Children, Autism Speaks, Leukemia Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, Joyful Heart Foundation, and Children’s Law Center.